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Gold Paper Series

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Technology has long promised to revitalize education, but the Visible Learning™ evidence suggests that we still haven’t figured out the most effective ways to use technology for the biggest impact. In Not All That Glitters Is Gold, Hamilton and Hattie analyse the future of education technology and make startling predictions about how it will evolve between now and 2100.

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Is what you’re currently doing going to lead you to gold? If you’re making decisions about teacher strategy and technology, find out if they are the right decisions in the first of the Gold Papers, As Good as Gold?.

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Understanding the methodologies behind the Visible Learning™ research can be tricky. In Real Gold vs. Fool’s Gold, the criticisms are unpacked and explored, shedding light on the methods so that teachers, leaders, and policymakers understand the how and why of the research and what inferences can be made from it.

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Getting to G.O.L.D. provides a system to help educators identify and focus on the challenges worth pursuing, develop interventions that will actually work, and implement them with fidelity. The G.O.L.D process is a straight-forward tool to move schools toward improvement.

Searching for educational gold

How do we know that what we do really works

Cognition Education Group and Corwin Press are proud to present the Gold Paper Series, a research collaboration between Dr Arran Hamilton (Cognition Education) and Laureate Professor John Hattie (Melbourne University).

In this series of publications, Arran Hamilton and John Hattie discuss the critical questions and critiques of the Visible Learning™ research and provide a compass for finding “education gold” in student learning.

Read each of the Gold Papers to:

– Hear about effective practices for evaluating your impact on student learning.

– Reflect on your own strategies and tools to learn how to get closer to the gold of what works best in education, at both school and system level.

– Gain a deeper understanding of the research methodology behind the mindset and movement of Visible Learning™.

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